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In 2006, I had an idea to give fellow women the opportunity to acquire vocational skills as a means of empowering themselves to be financially independent. This idea led me to start a series of classes where I taught Sugar Craft and Event Decoration. The classes initially started with six people and over the years students' population grew.

This increased patronage coupled with the need to add more programs to suit the youth meant that we set up a proper school: that is when Khameen Professional Institute started. Courses such as Catering and Patisserie were introduced whilst the adult programs were further improved to stay loyal to our original vision. Additionally, we gained accreditation with local and international bodies such as GES, NVTI and City & Guilds International. This meant that we could offer both local and international courses as well as examinations.

Through dedication, hard work and by the grace of God I can confidently say that we are on the right path however, we are not resting on our laurels yet. In our quest to become the institution of choice in the delivery of quality Catering and Hospitality programs we plan to add more relevant programs and apply innovative systems of teaching and learning.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who in diverse ways have contributed to the successes that we all are experiencing today. I say may the Almighty God bless you all.

Mrs. Ali


Khameen Professional Institute train individuals and equip them with the relevant professional skills to enable learners compete and be successful in today's challenging work environment.
We are a City & Guilds International, GES and NVTI Accredited Centre.
Khameen has over the years trained many people from Ghana and abroad who have eventually set up their own businesses or are employed in some of the top hospitality institutions in Ghana.

Our vision is to be the number one institution offering quality education for people of different age groups and educational levels, in order to empower them to be more independent.

Providing professional education and services to meet preferred standards

In our quest to becoming the preferred institution for further studies in catering and hospitality, Khameen has in place modern facilities with a serene environment for comfortable teaching and learning. We also have experienced staffs who are motivated to providing quality tuition.
Some of the programs the institution offer include: Catering, Reception Operations & Services, Event Decoration & Management, Pastry Baking & Sugar craft, etc. Additionally, there are part-time programs for workers who would want to upgrade their knowledge or qualifications

Not only do we provide training, we offer catering and event decoration services for individuals and corporate bodies. You can also order for your wedding cakes, birthday cakes and other occasional cakes from us.



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